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Marks to Percentage Calculator

    Marks Percentage Calculator is most used online tools to ease any marks percentage formula. This tool provides great calculation over All Exams, 10th(SSC), 11th, 12th(HSC), ITI, B.A., B.Com., M.A., M.Com., B.Sc., M.Sc., All Semesters, Overall Percentage Calculator, Overall Scores and etc.

    Percentage has to be filled in filling up the forms of various competitive examinations. There you can easily get a percentage from the marks by using this tool.

Answer in Percentage:

Scored Mark:

Out of Mark:

Your Percentage:

Formula For Marks Percentage Calculation?

  • (Scored Mark / Out of Mark) * 100 = Final Value %

How to calculate percentage of marks?

  • Step 1: To calculate, first divide the value of scored mark and out of mark value.
  • Step 2: Then Multiply the value by 100.
  • Step 3: Hence, (scored mark / out of mark) * 100 = Final Value.
  • Step 4: Lets, consider A as scored mark and B as Out of Mark.
  • Step 5: The Formula for mark percentage calculation is ((A / B) * 100) = C.

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Marks Percentage Calculator
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